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About Me - Bruno Lopes

My name is Bruno Lopes, I was born and raised in Brazil, I grew up in a medium size town (about 350 thousand people) called Bauru, it's in the state of Sao Paulo. Bauru is also a name of a very famous brazilian sandwich (get the recipe here) and it's where Pelé (the world's most famous soccer player) started playing soccer back in 1952, but no, I wasn't born yet, I'm a lot younger than that.

I'm a regular guy, that likes adventures, outdoor activities, photography, soccer (as 99.9% of all Brazilians), Kung Fu, camping, archery (olympic recurve), juggling and a lot more!

Since I was a kid I've always wanted to go away, to know different places and cultures, the world is so big, why stay only in one country? The first time I traveled overseas I was 16 years old, and went to Spain by myself, I stayed in a house with a very nice couple, they were related to my father's friend, I had a great time. When I was graduating in college, mid 2005, I started thinking about a Trainee Program in the US, after a couple months I had decided that I was gonna go to NY, so I did it. I was supposed to go back home after 18 months, but tell me, who leaves NY? This is just a fascinating place, and I love it. So I've decided to stay "a little" longer, ended up being a total of 8 years.

Well, I have to say that it wasn't that easy to stay away from all my family and old friends, but the experiences is just incredible, and everything got a lot easier in 2009, when I got married and had my wife with me.

Ok, now a little bit of my professional life, I've started working with web/graphic design, video editing and flash animation in 2001 on a small company back in Brasil, and I also started college on the same year, after about 2.5 years I started learning PHP and mySQL, by 2005 I came to the United States on a trainee program as a web/graphic designer and started learning ColdFusion, by 2008 I was learning Flex, Air and got more involved with ColdFusion, but I still love to do my videos, flash animations and everything else, please take a look at my portfolio here!

In 2013 we decided to go back to Brazil, we arranged our move, but we decided that we wanted to some a little more. We planned a Round-The-World trip, that was gonna take about 6 months. We started in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Australia, that was when we were got by a big surprise, Geisa was pregnant, we even tought about keeping traveling, but she was having morning sickness almost everyday, the entire day, so it wasn't worth to keep going. So we decided to go back to Brazil and finish this trip o a latter time, you can read a little more about our trip on our blog www.2nomundo.com.

I think I've made this "about me" a little to long, if you are still reading this, THANK YOU and SORRY! :)

Well, that's me, BRUNO LOPES!

Favorite Tools

I enjoy working with:

ColdFusion Flex Flash Photoshop Illustrator Premiere After Effects Adobe Air WordPress Sublme Text 2 MySQL SQLServer Amazon Web Services HTML 5 CSS 3 Firefox Firebug Eclipse IDE Drupal AngularJS jQuery PHP Java Script

I want to learn more about:

Rails Robotlegs Django Android Development Google App Engine

Contact Info

Location: Bauru, SP / Ponta Grossa, PR

Email: bruno@brunolopes.com

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